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Mike Mayos and Minster Therapy

 Mike Mayos Online Psychotherapy Minster Therapy

Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist

BA (Hons), FDN in Psychotherapy and Counselling (Regents University)

Diploma Clinical Sexology and Relationship Therapy, CICS

Diploma Compulsive Sexual Behaviour, CICS

BSc Psychology and Counselling (Open University Yr. 2 ongoing)


Mike Mayos


                                    ABOUT ME MIKE MAYOS

I work with a broad range of psychosexual issues for both individuals and those in intimate partnerships. Aiming to

create as positive an experience of sexuality as possible for

my clients, I work within a Bio-psycho-social pluralistic

approach, incorporating a broad range of theoretical

approaches as best suits my client’s needs.


I specialise, and am particularly trained in supporting clients struggling with compulsive sexual behaviour, as well as those struggling with Chemsex issues, aiming to re-establish a

fulfilling and healthy sex life for my clients . I have worked

with major charities such as Controlling Chemsex and

CRUSE, in the UK, as well as Men As Well in the

Netherlands supporting those that have experienced sexual trauma, and those concerned about their own behaviour in

that respect. I have also trained with the European Sex

Workers Alliance in Amsterdam and welcome the

opportunity to work with that community.


I particularly value working with Couples, or Intimate

Partnerships, working to resolve conflict, sexual issues,

navigating alternative relationships structures, polyamory,

and all aspects of kink and Gender, Sexual and Relationship Diversity. I am a registered therapist with COSRT, Pink

Therapy and The National Council for Integrated Therapists.


  • Compulsive Sexual Behaviour

  • Chemsex issues

  • Sexual dysfunctions including arousal difficulties

  • Erectile dysfunction (‘unreliable erections’)

  • Couples,Polyamorous Relationships, Open Relationships and Consensual Non-Monogamy

  • LGBTQ+, GSRD and Transitioning

  • Gender and sexuality issues

  • Victims of sexual trauma

  • Sex Workers

  • Fetish and Kink issues

  • Grief and Bereavement


  Compulsive Sexual Behaviour

Chemsex Issues

LGBTQ+, GSRD and Transitioning

Grief and Bereavement

Polyamorous Relationships, Open Relationships, and Consensual Non-monogamy

Working with Depression and Anxiety

  Relationship Therapy

Supporting Sex Workers

Gender and Sexuality Issues

Fetish and Kink Issues

Erectile dysfunction (or preferred term ‘unreliable erections’)

Sexual dysfunctions including arousal difficulties

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