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How I Work

A therapy space directed by your needs

Compulsive Sexual Behaviour:

This is very much moulded in the framework developed by Silva Neves, who turns away from the traditional 'Addiction' approach, preferring to treat the behaviour as a response to a stress, or a coping mechanism, which needs to be acknowledged and other, preferred coping mechanisms identified and cultivated, to assist in living a more rounded and less conflicted lifestyle. 

Internal Family Systems:

Tapping into, and giving expression to the 'Parts' of the psyche that work both in parallel with each other, and in contradiction to each other, seeking to resolve internal conflict and restore better agency to the Self.

Emotionally Focused Therapy:

Exploring our emotions and expressions of feeling, to mine the underlying issues which cause outer trumoil and conflict.

Intimate Partner Work

Using a range of therapeutic including Imago dialogue, conflict resolution, defining boundaries and exploring new modalities of being in relationship with one another.

Working with Depression and Anxiety

Clarifying life view and understanding your anxiety using CBT, mindfulness techniques and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

Within my training I have covered a number of modalities which we can call upon as we tailor out approach together. Thes include, but not exhausted by, the following:

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