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Compulsive Sexual Behaviour and Chemsex

At Minster Therapy I aim to help individuals heal and overcome challenges related to their sexual health and mental wellbeing. My style is very much informed by the learning with Silva Neves at CICS (Links below) which is a compassionate approach to psychosexual therapy focusing on the underlying reasons why the compulsive behaviour exists - so often in the absence of other meaningful connections in life. Is it that your behaviour  actually serves a purpose - holding a fear at bay, or feeding a longing you have -but that can be better served by behaviour more in line with your true values and life aspirations? So that forms the basis of much of our exploration together. The work is also very focused on either restoring, or gaining for the first time, a positive attitude to your own sexuality and all the richness that can bring into your life and relationships. I'm very focused on providing my clients with the tools and support they need to overcome their struggles and find fulfillment in their sexual lives. Get in touch with us today to learn more about my services and how I might help you.

Questions to ponder:

Has this behaviour always been present, or did it start at a particular time in your life? If so why do you think that is?

Why now? What's happening for you now that makes you want to be more proactive about understanding your behaviour?

What would be a good outcome for you after accessing therapy?


Compulsive Sexual Behaviours - Silva Neves

The most up to date and compassionate informed approach to supporting people that are struggling with compulsive sexual behaviour. Written for therapists, it is still however very accessible and a positive insight which can start your journey to a more positive life.

Treating Out Of Control Sexual Behaviour - Douglas Braun-Harvey & Michael A. Vigorito

Again, aimed at therapists but nontheless a valuable resource for people trying to get an insight into their own behaviour. 

Diploma in Compulsive Sexual Behaviours (

A dedicated course focused on Conmpulsive Sexual Behaviour from CICS - recognised as one of the best Psychosexual Colleges operating in the UK today. 

(Aimed at Level 7 Postgraduates)

Lust Men And Meth - David Fawcett

Written as a Guide to Recovery this book has lots on insights how the issue may have arisen and advice how best to challenge the issue.

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