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Experiences of sexual violence…

The greater numbers of incidents of sexual violence go unreported for many reasons.

But there is help out there. This charity, based in The Netherlands is one of the foremost advocates for the voices of those that have have experienced sexual violence to be heard.

That goes for both the voices of the victims and those of the perpetrators. Alongside www.Mensa well.Nl I offer support to anyone who has experienced this in their lives. If you have been the victim it can bring up so many conflicting thoughts and ideas. Those conflicting thoughts can add to your struggle so having access to support can be an enormous benefit.

We know too that within the Chemsex world especially, boundaries can be blurred by the use of drugs, and we may find ourselves behaving in ways that in other situations we would never consider. That's one of the reasons that it's so important to support people who have breached their own values by perpetrating acts which are outside their normal values.

If you would like a free 30 minute introductory session then go to my Contact Page and click the link !



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